Paraview hangs when updating slice filter origin

I have written a python script for use with pvbatch. I have tried it with PV version 5.10.1 and 5.11.1 on a linux cluster.

I load an openfoam case, apply some filters including taking a slice, followed by some more filters. Finally I want to save the output of an integrateVariables filter to a csv. This all works as expected.

However when I then update the slice origin, and then try to save the same output again, pvbatch hangs. I believe I have given it enough time, especially since it doesn’t take long to take the inital slice and save.

I tested this in a client-server session (windows-linux) with paraview 5.10.1 and I get the same issue. Except the hanging occurs at the apply filter step when updating the slice, instead of the save csv step. (I assume this is becuase in pvbatch, nothing is being updated until I try to save the csv.)

What might be causing this? What troubleshooting steps should I try.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my pipeline, which works in the same way as my script. Also, you can see the status bar from the clinet-server session. It is frozen at 85%

Many thanks,


Please share your script and data. (2.6 KB)
I’ve created a much reduced version of my script and data, but the problem persists. I’ve attached the script, but the data is too large so I’ve shared it here