Paraview import of .h5part files

Hey Paraview Community,

i try to import a h5part file, which I create with H5Hut, into paraview.
The file contains particle data such as the particle ID. Also, the physical time in each step is stored as a step attribute “TimeValue”. If the h5part file has more than one time step, this will work. However, as soon as there is only one time step in the file, the physical time is no longer displayed.
Among other error messages, Paraview outputs the error message "Cannot create datagroup “Step#1"”.
When I look into the file in matlab all the data is stored under step #0. If I do not add the step attribute “TimeValue” in the h5part file, no error messages appear.
Is this a bug of the reader?
I have attached two h5part files, one with one step and a second with two steps.
Edit: Change step in onepart.h5part to 0 instead of -1.

onestep.h5part (10.3 KB)
twosteps.h5part (27.6 KB)