Paraview in linux

Hello! I have just started to use ParaView. I am using Ununtu 18.04.5 LTS and Paraview 5.10.1 (I also tryed an older version). I am visualizing my molecule using a file with the cartesian coordinates ( I can perfectly visualize the atoms but not the bonds. I know I need to activate the chemistry filter in order to visualize (Compute molecule bonds). However I am not able to apply any of the filters, not only this one. Do you know if I nead to load any specific plugin or anything else in order to be able to use the ParaView filters? Thanks a lot.

Hi @irenecasre ,

Press Apply,

Please share your data.


Hi @mwestphal,
Sorry but as it is the first time that I am using the forum I am not used to it. What do you mean by press apply?
I have attached two screenshots of what I am seeing in ParaView (I am not sure if you can see it properly but all the filters are in grey, they are unclickable) I have also uploded my xyz file.
Thanks a lot,
Irene (2.1 KB)

Hey @mwestphal,
I just realised what you mean. So sorry. I fixed and it’s working.
Thanks a lot!

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