Paraview infinite loading of fluent case

Hello everyone,

I want to read a fluent model (.cas + .dat) in Paraview. The model is obtained from Icepak but, since the solver used is fluent, I am usually able to import the files into Paraview.

However, when I import this model, Paraview stops responding immediately and the occupied RAM starts to grow disproportionately (for a 400 MB case, it comes to occupy as much as 17 GB of RAM). Opening the files in Fluent works correctly.

Has anyone had similar experiences? What check can I do on the file to detect the problem?


HI @wilove ,

Which version of ParaView are you using ? Make sure to use the last release.

Please share your data.


Hi, I’m using v5.10.1.

I created an extremely simple case that won’t load:

Thank you very much for your help.