Paraview installation crashes

Hello, I am trying to get Paraview’s headless mode installed on my Debian 10.2 VM using the super-build instructions that I found here. However I am running into an error which I do not know how to interpret.

-- Installing: /opt/paraview-5.7.0/install/lib/
-- Installing: /opt/paraview-5.7.0/install/lib/
-- set runtime path of "/opt/paraview-5.7.0/install/lib/" to$
-- Installing: /opt/paraview-5.7.0/install/lib/
[51%] Completed 'embree'
[51%] Built target embree
make: *** [Makefile:130: all] Error 2

The steps that I used to install Paraview on my VM are condensed here. If there is any additional information that you need to help me resolve this issue I will provided it. Happy Holidays.

What happens if you rerun make ? Can you try navigate to the failing project and build it manually ?

Some ideas to try:

  1. turn off OSPRay to take embree out of the picture and perhaps work around the problem
  2. share more of the output. With parallel builds, the root cause of the error might be above what you have posted.
  3. use make VERBOSE=1 to have the build be more wordy. With that you can dig in and find which Makefile is having an issue and exactly what line 130 of it says.