Paraview installation error

I tried to install paraview using the script below.

./makeParaView -python -python-lib /usr/lib64/  -mpi -qmake $(which qmake-qt5)  QT_XMLPATTERNS_EXECUTABLE=$(which xmlpatterns-qt5) QT_HELP_GENERATOR=$(which qhelpgenerator-qt5)

The installation ends up in error at 88%. When I am using python2.7 the error happens at 98%… What wrong am I doing?
I am using Fedora34. The installation is along with OpenFoam 9.
error_paraview (962.0 KB)

That’s a very old version of ParaView. It looks like something is up in the ParaView build, but given other indicators (the presence of PythonD libraries and Python2 support), this is no longer a supported version of ParaView (Python2 support was dropped in 5.8).

Thank you… I will check it