paraview lite is combined with ECS

According to my understanding, the paraview lite currently calls the local paraview to calculate and process the data, then opens the pwserver to render, and transmits the rendered image to the browser for display, right?

If it is the process mentioned above, can I deploy paraview to the ECS and hand over the calculation and rendering process to the server so that the local only needs to decode and display images?

ParaView Lite basically make ParaView a web server which means the client can be as capable as a phone regardless of the data size.

Deploying it on ECS should be possible with some proper configuration.

1.Paraview lite is actually a C/S architecture, right?
2.I need to optimize rendering, data calculation, image transmission and other aspects on the basis of paraview lite. Deploying paraview to the server is the first optimization scheme I thought of. My concern is that the paraview lite has been optimized so well that I can’t find anything to optimize.

  1. Yes
  2. Need to be more specific of what is slow