ParaView Lite + xdmf + load state

I am trying to load a state file into paraview lite web.
The state file is made up of a .xdmf wrapper file containing some .bin files (for holding big dataset)

The state file opens perfectly fine for the visualizer whereas it shows nothing for the paraview lite (even though I see the filters in the tree view on the left).

So my question is: does paraview lite support xdmf files and loading states?

Could this be related to the data file path? Are you talking about new or old visualizer?
The new one does that which is not in Lite or the old Visualizer.

Thanks, I will take a look. I was basically trying to migrate from the old visualizer (nodejs based) to something that is modern and easier to modify (for me at least).

So I was trying the ‘pvpython -m paraview.apps.lite’ for this question.

But then I came across the recent released code of the new visualizer (python-trame based) which is easier for me to modify (and integrate with my backend which is in python flask)