Paraview - Logo usage policy

Hello all,

I am currently completing a study on the application of open-source computational tools. Paraview is in the proposed computational toolbox.

I am using Paraview Logo within a figure but I do not know the trademark usage policy. Is there any about using Paraview Logo or may I used it freely?

Of course Paraview is adequately cited under the guidelines given here.

I know that this forum is aided to the solution of technical concerns, but I did not find information to clarify this.

Thank you for your help.


Dear Santiago,

This is very nice. It is OK for you to use the ParaView logo in the context that you described. Please check with us if you want to use it for another purpose in the future.

Berk Geveci
Kitware Inc.

Dear Berk,

Thank you very much for your answer. Sure, that’s how it will be.

Best regards,
Santiago Ortiz