ParaView master build error related to libxml - osx 10.14

Hi ParaView developers,

I’m doing a clean build on osx 10.14 + CMake 3.15.0 and it fails due to libxml issue. Any ideas?

CMakeCache.txt (291.1 KB)
ParaView SHA:

commit 3cdf5c845e23437cf51dc3cd36c70f133917b67c (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Merge: d6d55557c 3d322a119
Author: Utkarsh Ayachit <>
Date:   Mon Nov 18 16:49:05 2019 +0000
  • error message:
    /Users/haochengliu/Kitware/cmb/buildDebug-cmb6-qt5.12/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/ThirdParty/libxml2/vtklibxml2/libxml.h:85:71: error: expected function body after function declarator
    void __xmlLoaderErr(void *ctx, const char *msg, const char *filename) LIBXML_ATTR_FORMAT(2,0);
    In file included from /Users/haochengliu/Kitware/cmb/buildDebug-cmb6-qt5.12/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/ThirdParty/libxml2/vtklibxml2/HTMLparser.c:47:
    /Users/haochengliu/Kitware/cmb/buildDebug-cmb6-qt5.12/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/ThirdParty/libxml2/vtklibxml2/buf.h:22:1: error: unknown type name ‘xmlBufPtr’
    xmlBufPtr xmlBufCreate(void);
    /Users/haochengliu/Kitware/cmb/buildDebug-cmb6-qt5.12/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/ThirdParty/libxml2/vtklibxml2/buf.h:23:1: error: unknown type name ‘xmlBufPtr’
    xmlBufPtr xmlBufCreateSize(size_t size);
    /Users/haochengliu/Kitware/cmb/buildDebug-cmb6-qt5.12/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/ThirdParty/libxml2/vtklibxml2/buf.h:24:1: error: unknown type name ‘xmlBufPtr’
    xmlBufPtr xmlBufCreateStatic(void *mem, size_t size);

Close since it’s a local system setting error.

Could you provide any further information on the nature of the error, i.e. what setting was incorrect;
I am having the same problem in building VTK.
thanks - David.

Welcome to ParaView, David. Are you building from a clean build directory? If not, I recommend cleaning your build directory and trying again, particularly if you have updated your VTK source and are rebuilding in an old build directory.

Hi Cory. I did a fresh VTK source checkout from github and then a clean build.
On linux it ran fine. on OSX I hit the problem. Whilst I have a built version now on linux
for pragmatic reasons I prefer to work on my Mac so any solution would be helpful.

I did a further fresh checkout and build sucessfully on OSX so issue resolved. Unclear what happened the first time, but seems to be working now.
thanks - David

Thanks for the followup, David!