paraview not interactive while animation plays

I’m using pvpython to render and start an animation from the command line.

This is my script without the used filters, which I created from a trace.

# trace generated using paraview version 5.10.0
#import paraview
#paraview.compatibility.major = 5
#paraview.compatibility.minor = 10

#### import the simple module from the paraview
from paraview.simple import *
dd00 = CSVReader(registrationName='dd00*', FileName=[...])
# get animation scene
animationScene1 = GetAnimationScene()
renderView1 = FindViewOrCreate('RenderView1', viewtype='RenderView')

# update animation scene based on data timesteps

# Apply some filters to data



If I now run this script with pvpython the rendered view pops up and the animation starts, but if I try to interact with the view while the animation is running, the view will freeze until the animation is done. Then I can interact with the view but I can’t reset or start the animation.

Is there either a way to start the animation from the Interactor? Or to start the animation in a non blocking way?

Thanks in advance!