Paraview Not Responding

I am working on paraview version 5.9.1 with files that are around 1700 mb. Whenever I do most tasks it takes a bit and paraview almost always stops responding. Is there any way to fix this to allow me to work quicker?

Some I/O classes probably aren’t that well-behaved. What format do you have? There might be a more suitable format that has a better reader available.

Cc: @mwestphal

Sorry for not getting back to you.

My guess is that you are trying to load too much data into ParaView. The reason ParaView doesn’t respond is the OS is trying to “create” more memory by swapping virtual memory back onto disk. Disk is SLOW compared to memory.

What i would do is update ParaView to 5.11.0-RC1. That probably won’t help, but it’s an easy thing to do. Next, try open one file, or make a smaller dataset. Next, turn on the memory inspector. Views/ Memory Inspector.


1.7G is not big at all. Please share your data @herp