Paraview: Obtain information on the pipeline, etc. from within a PythonAnnotation filter

  1. Within the python shell window, I can learn a lot about what I can do via a combination of dir, type, help, tab-completion, copy-paste input and output, etc… all usual capabilities of a good python shell.

  2. Within an expression of a PythonAnnotation filter, I don’t know how to learn about what I can do. I have almost none of the capabilities above. I started with the expression dir(), but I can often not see the whole output since it overflows the view, and there is no word wrap. I cannot copy the output to paste and view it elsewhere.

What are suitable capabilities to accomplish #2?
I know I can read documentation, but hands-on work is usually most helpful.
Plus, it looks to me somewhat brief.

hello @sancho_s

you can use the SpreadSheet View to see the whole content of your annotation:

Hope this helps