Paraview on Azure HPC OnDemand Platform


I am trying tu use Paraview on a Azure HPC OnDemand Platform but without succes.
Is their a special way to use Paraview on this kind of VM ?

Thank you in advance.

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I am assuming you’re following these steps: Azure HPC OnDemand Platform
What issues specifically are you running into? Make sure the ParaView Home Directory is set to point to a valid path based on your AzHOP deployment.

Hi Utkarsh !

I didn’t get this tutrial, thank you for sharing.
I have downloaded the zip for a standalone running of Paraview.

I will forward the tutorial to my IT team.

I keep you in touch !

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The IT team told me that the Azure server is not a HPC but a “standard Azure VM”.
Does it change anything regarding the tutorial you sent me ?

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