paraview on master does not load python plugins

Hi all,
I am trying to load a python plugin and I am getting the following error. Note the same plugin loads correctly with ParaView 5.6 release. Do you have any suggestions?


ERROR: In /home/danlipsa/projects/ParaView/src/ParaViewCore/ClientServerCore/Core/vtkPVPluginLoader.cxx, line 418

vtkPVPluginLoader (0x561d18a7f000): /home/danlipsa/proposals/bruce-power/demo/ invalid ELF header

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Thanks Dan, I ran into the same problem this morning. I thought it was related to my own Python plugin, but I got the same issue when loading the python plugin that comes with the examples (“Examples/Plugins/PythonAlgorithm/PythonAlgorithmExamples”). I just hadn’t gotten around to reporting it yet.


I just updated master and rebuilt and this works again.



It was fixed in this MR. The required module was not enabled. There may still be other modules we used to enable by default that are missing, so please continue to report them as soon as you notice anything so we can keep fixing :slight_smile: . Thanks!