Paraview on Win 11, cannot find a reader for VTU

Hi ParaView community,

I have the latest version of ParaView installed on win 11, and it says ‘unable to find a reader for VTU file’. My files are in VTU format. Can you help me with this please?

Where does it say that ?

Did you try using the File → Open menu of ParaView ?

Hi Mathieu,
Thanks for your kind reply!
Yes, I used File —> Open, then got a pop up like this:

I’m trying to open a file in VTU format.

Your file is probably incorrectly formated, please share it here.

The file is too large to share here, please download from the google drive link

I have no problem opening your file with ParaView 5.11.1

It’s strange but I’m glad that the file is working on your machine.

Can it be the installation problem? Can you walk me through the installation process of ParaView please?

where’s the ParaView.exe located?

just scroll down to the p letter ?

I dont think so? it stopped at letter j

also the searching gives no result?

Please download the correct ParaView package:

Thanks, now I can open the file successfully!
I’m trying to do a slice view on plane x=0,y=0,z=1, and paraview crashed. Can you try on your machine please?

I confirm there is an issue with this particular dataset, please open an issue:

Thanks for checking! I have other vtu files which causes slice view to crash too. Shall I upload all the files when opening an issue?

They must have somthing in common, but the more the better.

Thanks a lot for your help! I’ve created issue #22370

Hi Mathieu,

Paraview slice view on normal plane (x=0,y=0,z=1) worked once just now. But when I restarted the program to try again, the crashing issue happened again.