Paraview open VR plugin in combination with stereovision rendering on 3D projector


I am currently working with paraview VR in combination with a HTC vive pro headset.
This setup works perfectly and I can share the video of the headset through the display mirror option in steamVR. This is however a 2D image.

We have a 3D capable projector (stereovision) that I would like to use to display the video content of the headset in 3D. Is this possible, for instance through server/client functionality?

Kind regards,
Bertl Verschaeve

Welcome to the ParaView community, Bertl!

I do not think this is currently possible as far as I know. @martink can correct me if I am wrong.

IMO, this is unrelated to ParaView, but depends on SteamVR capabilities.

The SteamVR display option has the ability to do side-by-side left and right images, so you’d have to take that can process it such that the projector can handle it.