Paraview opens and closes (crashes) when tried to open a ".e" file.

diffusion-only_out.e (164.9 KB)

Attached the file which I tried to open in Paraview.

Hi @Ananthanarasimhan ,

Your file open correctly with ParaView 5.11-RC1, the bug seems to have been fixed.


Hi @mwestphal ,

I am using 5.10.1 version. should i upgrade from the application, or uninstall this and reinstall updated version?

Also, for windows, I see ParaView 5.11-RC1 as previews of next version. Is there .exe file to install for this version?

Uninstall/Reinstall should be correct.

Yes, you can use the .exe installer.

@mwestphal I don’t see.exe for this version in the website… I downloaded the zip. But i dont see .exe for 5.11 RC1

Indeed, the installer is now using .msi format