ParaView pair with Microsoft Hololens glasses

I perform CFD and Structural computations with ANSYS, then I export results and analyze these results in ParaView. Now i have a challenge to visualize computational results with help of Augmented Reality (AR) technology (Microsoft Hololens glasses). Is there a direct way to pair ParaView with Hololens? Or should I use Unity3D? If such connection is possible only with Unity3D, then how to implement exporting scheme ANSYS -> ParaView -> Unity3D -> Hololens? Is it possible to look at the CFD results from the inside of the flow with help of Hololens glasses? (Viewpoint is inside the flow).

I don’t believe ParaView supports Hololens directly. @martink would know.

Your best bet is probably to export the PV scene as GLTF and then view that in hololens using anything that can view GLTF.