ParaView performance Problem with VR-Plugin

Hello ParaView Users,

I am having problems using the VR-Plugin of ParaView with VRPN on a zSpace 200. I am running a particle based simulation (700000 particles, about 8GB for 120 timesteps, each step around 70MB) on a single machine (i3 CPU, 3,80GHz, NVidia Quadro K1200) and I am using a 2D Glyphing (every 100th point) Algorithm. ParaView is running in (basic) server mode and the renderserver is properly reacting according to the Head position. My Problem is the animation. While the next timestep is processing/rendering, the GUI + Tracking freezes. Tracking only seems to work when the simulation is stationary or has a framerate that is fast enough to handle tracking input on each frame. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to decouple the processes to run independently from each other?

Thanks alot!

@pvuser Unfortunately, ParaView does not currently do processing such as loading data and applying glyph filters on a background thread. All processing is done on the same thread as the rendering and tracking in the case of the VR-plugin.

We are aiming to enhance ParaView in the future with background processing to maintain interactive visualization, but that is at least a few ParaView versions away.