Paraview Plugin Mulitple Output port

Hello , I am into writing a plugin for Paraview, I am having three output ports.

The first port Structure is for Multi-block data set and second port Property is for Structured Grid and the third port Settings is vtkTable.
When I open the file for reading all the three output ports are enable and it looks like as in Figure 2.
I don’t want that 3rd port Settings of Vtk Table to be loaded by default.
I have used the following in the Server-manager XML file but it has no effect i intended

           <OutputPort name="Structure" index="0" visible="1"/>
           <OutputPort name="Property"  index="1" visible="1" />
           <OutputPort name="Settings" index="2" visible ="0"/> 

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  <OutputPort index="0" name="Structure" />
  <OutputPort index="1" name="Property" />
  <OutputPort index="1" name="Settings" />
    <View type="RenderView" port="0" />
    <View type="RenderView" port="1" />
    <View type="None" port="2" />

This should do the trick

Thanks for your kind reply. Yes, now it worked exactly. Could you also please tell which section of Paraview code there is a mention about this ? Say, If I want to understand it by myself what is it the index in the above code represents? if it is port whose meaning is a kind of very obvious. Will there be a mention of functional definitions of these XML keywords like index , port in the comments section of the code dealing with it? If So can you please spot those parts to me? I have found the following link which has some contents about the XML definitions
But it seems to be bit outdated.

The wiki is being phased out.

All info is here now:

The markdown files @mwestphal referred to are processed by doxygen and are accessible here:

The link also provides docs for multiple versions of ParaView including master.

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Much better, thanks @utkarsh.ayachit

Thanks @mwestphal and @utkarsh.ayachit . The recommendations are very helpful and it contains resourceful information that I needed.