Paraview - Poor performance -Ubuntu

Hi every one,

I have a problem with Paraview 5.6.0 - 64 Bit on Ubuntu 18.04. Although I have a strong configuration with two Epyc 7402 24-core, 128 Go Ram and a RTX 2070 super, the software is very slow (low frame-rate) on Ubuntu 18.04. I already try with the new version on Ubuntu 20 and with NVidia driver and driver… I don’t have this problem on windows (I have a dualboot).

Has anyone an idea of what could be the problem?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!



  1. Update to ParaView 5.9.0
  2. Check the your dirvers on in use by sharing the content on the Help -> About dialog


Thanks for your answer! I don’t know how to update paraview as I use paraview with openFoam, i.e. I use paraFoam.

When I go in Help -> About, i have :

Once again, thx for your help.



You are using mesa,you are not using your GPU, what is the output of ?

glxinfo | grep Vendor

In any case, download the last version of ParaView for your system here:

The output of glxinfo | grep vendor is :

server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
client glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation

Is it possible to choose between Mesa and the GPU directly in paraview?

yes, I will install the latest version of paraview.


ParaView should detect your GPU automatically unless you are using options or configurations.

Let me kow how it goes with a newer ParaView

It works fine with the new version of paraview (5.9)! There is OpenGL NVidia. Thx a lot!

Don’t know why “paraFoam” use OpenGL with MESA… Is there an option to modify?

You will have to ask paraFOAM developpers.


@Dellinger Probably too vague to write about “paraFoam”. The OpenFOAM reader module is just a module, it has no impact on OpenGL/MESA etc, those are all defined by ParaView itself.
As @mwestphal noted, it is best to try with a fresh binary of 5.9.0, so that we know that we are all speaking of the same thing. Use the regular native ParaView/VTK reader for the OpenFOAM files. It works for the vast majority of cases.

See the entry “Do I really need the ParaView plugins?” for a quick overview.

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Yes I will stay on the 5.9 version of paraview instead using paraFoam which launch paraview 5.6.

Thx a lot for your help!

Yes I will stay on the 5.9 version of paraview instead using paraFoam which launch paraview 5.6.

You may also wish to use one of the OpenFOAM Ubuntu packages that we maintain:

Here are the installation instructions.
Note that this one has a finely granulated set of sub-packages, so you install as much as you need.
The openfoam shell session makes it easy to quickly run a different version.
The openfoam-selector provides a mechanism for more permanent switching of versions.

Thx Mark, I will try!