ParaView Quest2 Locomotion


I am trying to use the Quest2 with the XRInterface plugin. I’m able to view and interact with the data in Quest2 successfully. However, I can’t find anywhere to understand how to use the Quest2 controller.

So far I know I can point my right-hand controller and use the joystick to go forward or backward in its direction. Are there more locomotion options available?


Hi @hasraz

I’m afraid the meta quest 2 is not fully supported yet, but it should not be too complex to add interactions.


FYI @Tiffany_Chhim @LucasGandel

Hello @hasraz,

You can have a look at the official documentation to learn about available features.
Like Mathieu said, you might notice that not all buttons will work with the Meta Quest 2.

(Note that the link I gave you is for the ParaView’s master branch, as opposed to the latest 5.11.1 release, so a few features might be missing depending on which version you are using)