Paraview reading of Ensight Gold files.

I am trying to use ParaView to read ensight gold files, but unfortunately, the software always crashes on my mac when attempting to open the file. I am not sure, but this seems a bug. Could anyone help me in this regard? Here is a link for the files:

Hi @DDdC,

Sorry for the very late reply. ParaView was not handling binary files written from fortran properly in EnSight Gold Binary files. I have a fix for the issue. Would it be possible to include your data file in VTK’s suite of regression tests to ensure the reader works on fortran-written files?

Hello. I am happy to share some files, what is the best way to do it?
Best regards

Thanks, @DDdC. I have the data file you originally shared. I just need your permission to include it in VTK’s testing data collection.

You may include it. Please let me know if you need anything else. Does the new paraview version support this already? Thank you so much

Thanks for allowing inclusion of the file.

The new version of ParaView does not yet support this, but hopefully we can get it in for 5.9.1 due out sometime in April.

The EnSight Gold reader is now updated in VTK and should make it into ParaView 5.9.1, due out sometime next month.

Thank you so much!

I have tested the new version. While it does open ensight gold format, it crashes when I click to visualise the mesh (the closed eye icon on the top left). So it seems I am unable to visualise the files, at least with the Mac version. Would you like me to send you another sample file to test?

Sorry to hear that. Yes, if you could send the file causing the crash, that makes it easier to debug.

Hello. Please find attached a compressed file containing the ensight data.
Paraview can open it, but not show the mesh. If I click on the ‘eye’ icon to show it, the program immediately closes/crashes. Please let me know if you need anything else. (1000 KB)

Hello, just a quick note showing my interest in whether there have been any developments in this bug.
I recently moved to another mac machine and the problem was also found there.
Thank you