Paraview Remote connection failed

Hello, everyone! when I try the paraview remote connection between cluster(server) and win10(client GUI). it shows client connected, but one second later it gives the error: Segmentation fault(core dumped). I donot know what is wrong with it? If anyone could give me suggestions, I appreciate. The steps in detail are as following:

Step 1:

$ ssh

(then I could get the login node:hawk-login04)


from local shell:

$ ssh -L 11111:hawk-login04:22222

(here I could connect successfully)

step 3:

from cluster:

hawk-login04$ module load paraview/server/(version)
hawk-login04$ pvserver --server-port=22222
Waiting for client...
Connection URL: cs://hawk-login04:22222
Accepting connection(s): hawk-login04:22222


from local paraview client:

->File->connection->add Server-> Server Type:Client/Server → Host:localhost → Port:11111 save.

At the time I click connect, from the cluster it shows:

Waiting for client...
Connection URL: cs://hawk-login04:22222
Accepting connection(s): hawk-login04:22222
Client connected.
Loguru caught a signal: SIGSEGV
Stack trace:
10            0x40173e pvserver() [0x40173e]
9       0x7fd159edb7b3 __libc_start_main + 243
8             0x401659 pvserver() [0x401659]
7       0x7fd157a3dc21 vtkTCPNetworkAccessManager::ProcessEventsInternal(unsigned long, bool) + 609
6       0x7fd156976d99 vtkMultiProcessController::ProcessRMIs(int, int) + 729
5       0x7fd156976580 vtkMultiProcessController::ProcessRMI(int, void*, int, int) + 272
4       0x7fd15823972d vtkPVSessionServer::OnClientServerMessageRMI(void*, int) + 1101
3       0x7fd1582392aa vtkPVSessionServer::GatherInformationInternal(unsigned int, char const*, unsigned int, vtkMultiProcessStream&) + 714
2       0x7fd1579ebf8f vtkPVDataInformation::CopyParametersFromStream(vtkMultiProcessStream&) + 111
1       0x7fd15697c130 vtkMultiProcessStream::operator>>(std::string&) + 224
0       0x7fd159eef880 /lib64/ [0x7fd159eef880]
(  20.065s) [pvserver        ]                       :0     FATL| Signal: SIGSEGV
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Are both exactly the same version? From the location of the segfault, seems to me that you’re using master at different heads . vtkPVDataInformation was dramtically changed in master recently. Since a release hasn’t been cut yet, the version number does not reflect that change and hence the handshake doesn’t catch it. What versions are you using here?

I use the paraview 5.9.1. Both I use the same version.

I tried also the reverse connection but I could not connect successfully. do you have some suggestions about it?

sigh, not sure what’s going on. If you have debug build of the pvserver, running in a debugger and then seeing why the segfault is happening may provide some insight. Nothing obvious comes to mind here. People are using 5.9.1 in client-server mode, so something about this build/run-time enviroment is at play here.

Thanks for your suggestions. I am sorry that I am new with the paraview and I donot know how to debug build of the pvserver. The pvserver in the cluster I think maybe I have no permission to debug it.

Your ram may be too small on your local machine