Paraview - remote distributed rendering : how to showcase


I have build and setup Paraview+pserver on a cluster of Jetson Nano. The cluster contains 5 nodes (pc[0-4]).

I am running paraview on pc0 and running

mpiexec -np 4 -hosts pc1,pc2,pc3,pc4 pvserver

I am able to connect and remote rendering is working fine.

I am using the headsq.vti as test data.

I would like to showcase Paraview’s remote+distributed rendering capabilities to my co-workers.

Is there an approach to utilise certain features (I am still new to Paraview) that we can illustrate e.g. how some visualisation can not be done via one node (e.g. GPU memory is not big enough) but with the combine power of 4 nodes, it can be done ?


Open a big dataset and show speedups