Paraview save file

Hellow~ I’m a beginner at ParaView.

I use a grasshopper to use Paraview. At this time, if I save it in pvd format in Paraview and load the file again, the stream tracer disappears. Is there a way to load stream tracer together from the saved file??

Please share a screenshot ot what you are are doing.

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This image is before save.There is stream Tracer1 in Pipeline Browser and Streamline in Layout#1

But stream line is disapear when I open the saved file and stream tracer button is disabled.

I want to control stream line because to ger variety of result images.

How can I save stream tracer and line together?

So you want to save the state of the application (with the actual stream tracer filter), not the data output.

Use File → SaveState instead of SaveData.

Thanks to your aidvice, I managed to save(with stream tracer) it.

But I have another problem.
Saved state file is different when I load to state file.
Like Below image! Can you tell me about solution.

This image is saved state file

And This image is loaded state file.

p.s. Loaded state image is another paraview file that I worked on.

I get a lot of help with your answer~!

Do you mean its not zoomed the same way ?

Sorry, I checked again and it was a simple error.

Thanks to your advice!!!