ParaView - Saving Videos in pvpython and pvbatch

Running my script, which loads a ParaView state file (with animation) and saving it to video format (mp4 or avi specifically - picture formats such as png functioned as expected) was working fine when launching it on a client GUI (in a pvserver session), however, running it on pvpython or pvbatch (on a cluster node) has caused this error:

vtkSMSaveAnimationProxy: Failed to determine format for myanimationoutput.mp4

Running a search on Google for this error has yielded no results. Same happens if I use .avi

Looking at 5.10 documentation, to save an animation, the format is implicitly determined like this:

SaveAnimation('myanimationoutput.mp4', renderView1, ImageResolution=[1100, 512],
    FrameWindow=[0, 189])

So, in code we only explicitly specify ImageResolution, FrameRate and FrameWindow - and .mp4 in the file name automatically determines the file writer.

My only idea so far - since writing in a client GUI (locally) was working, but while running it on a cluster - did not, can this be a cluster issue somehow not supporting video formats?


mp4 is available on windows only and avi requires the ffmpeg library (you need to build paraview with ffmpeg available)

Thanks, that answers my question! Was so surprised to find nothing with my Google Search for error: vtkSMSaveAnimationProxy “Failed to determine format”. This makes sense now.