paraview server and connection

Hi, thank you @Charles_Gueunet to your guidance and right now i am thinking of using paraview server which i want to be able to process the input scalar data that i feed into the desired pipeline.

right now i want to work on localhost version and in my paraview i guess i have created a server. It shows


and this is my paraview

i created server from this UI

and this is my server

Right now i am stuck how can i connect with the server??

Since i am web client in front side so i guess that should be from command line and i am not able to connect with this server.

I tried plink as well

can you help me on this?

I would recommend you to follow the paraview web tutorials. This tutorial present several web-based interface to connect to the paraview backends (including the visualizer). Then, pick the one that suits your need and try the corresponding tutorial. I would suggest a new thread if you have any question regarding the backend, with the Web flag added :slight_smile:

thank you @Charles_Gueunet i am very new to python, ttk and Paraview ofcourse !! so i am posting lot of question, i am sorry for that and thank you so much for being such a nice person !!!

I am still not able to see the direction where i am going but i think i am getting some lead.

One of the thing that i can try is paraviewweb and use it to connect with the url given by my local paraview server i…e URL



am i understanding the lead ?