I use Paraview 5.9.1 version. I am trying to save the following screenshot settings as default by clicking the ‘set as default’ button but it always reverts to the factory settings. Could anyone please help!


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@cory.quammen @mwestphal @utkarsh.ayachit What is the expected behavior? As mentioned by Aakash, we are not saving the Image Resolution. After changing resolution, I then clicked on the disk icon at the bottom. Should resolution actually be stored?

The behavior for ImageResolution may be debatable, as it is highly dependent of the selected view.

All other settings should be saved in settings imo.

I see, but is it possible to have ‘zero compression’ as default ? I noticed that too reverts to compression level ‘5’ !

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no and that’s a bug imo

Ahh, i see, thanks for telling :slight_smile:

OK, I pondered this. When the button at the bottom says save all state as default, that is what it means. You have found numerous bugs with this screen. Bug posted here:, and scheduled for next spring. (I would be shocked if it doesn’t slip to next fall…)

Thanks for reporting.

My pleasure Mr. Walter :slight_smile:

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