Paraview stops working after long time

Dear Support,

Due to the nature of my solver, I am forced to compute the Q-crit in Paraview and I have to use only 1 CPU if I want to avoid having strange features in the fields due to CPU miscommunication. Therefore for my 3D animations, it is a very long process that can take up to 4-5 days. However I have launched my post process script and it works (I have the partial animation file) but it always finishes after 2 days with the following error:

error: exception occurred: SIGHUP

I think that it is due to an error linked with the duration of the process by the same single CPU. Is there any way to solve this issue?

How and where do you run ParaView ?

SIGHUP (“signal hang up”) is a signal sent to a process when its controlling terminal is closed

Something is closing the terminal you are running ParaView from ?

Dear Mathieu,

Thank you for your reply. I am running the postprocess script remotely in a small cluster that we have in our department. I am connecting through SSH and then I use the command nohup time pvbatch --force-offscreen-rendering > logScript & to close the terminal and leave it running in the background. It starts generating the video that I can play at any time until the generated time but after 2 days of computations I have the SIGHUP error.

Kind regards

Contact your IT, they may kill your process after 2 days,

I’ve always had problems keeping scripts running from closed terminals.
Have you tried something else that works without a terminal like screen? It’s been rock solid for me in similar cases.

At the end I solved the problem by using a computer from our office that is always on and under-used so I left a terminal open with SSH connections to the other cluster. Since the terminal is always open the process can run for several days. Not an optimal or elegant solution but it does the job…