Paraview suddenly closes when running simulation using "Play"


I am using Paraview 5.9.1 on Ubuntu 18.04, my simulation case is a .nek5000 format.

When I want to view a contour or a plot in time using the Play button, it works for a couple of seconds and then Paraview window closes suddenly!

Is there a possible cause for that and how can it be fixed?

Thanks, stay well.

Running out of memory?

View/ memory inspector.


This is the memory usage when the processing take place:

You think I could running out of memory here Alan?

Yep. that would be my guess. Again, in ParaView, in the View menu, run the Memory inspector.

This is how it looks now:

Screenshot from 2021-07-23 00-13-26

But the moment I add any kind of command (say: plot data) it freezes and exits out!

In the system monitor it shows a sudden bump in memory usage, that is strange, does performing such command can cause that memory usage that the system can’t handle?