Paraview support for Nastran grid point data


I am currently trying to append Grid point data using some test files(Files attached for reference).
I have noticed there is mismatch while appending the results.
Is it possible to get correct results by updating script or by some other way?

KP_sol_Node.csv (22.4 KB)
Plate_Nastran.nas (74.2 KB)

Script used :
blk0 = output.GetBlock(0)
tbl = inputs[1]

Thanks in advance

So you are trying to load data from a csv and to add it on a loaded mesh ?

Please note that you mention PointData, then CellData and RowData in the code. Those are 3 differents containers that should not be mixed.

Best way (I think) is to convert CSV to mesh with Table To Points (or Table to structured Grid), then use Append Attributes.