Paraview & Tecplot Files

Hello - I am new to paraview and I am trying to open tecplot type files that my DSMC code outputs in paraview. However I keep getting the same errors when trying to open .plt or .dat files:
vtkVisItTecplotBinaryReader (0x15220540): Unable to find any meshes

This is paraview version 5.10.1 and I am running it on an Ubuntu virtual desktop.

Hi @ckm931,

Thanks for posting about your problem and welcome to the ParaView discourse!

Is it possible for you to share your data or, if not, a sufficiently representative data set that leads to the same issue?

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I have faced a similar problem. The data file can be opened with Tecplot but not with Paraview. However, intrestingly, I realized that if I open the file with Tecplot and then write the data again in binary format, Paraview will happily read the data!

This, in my view, means that the binary reader of Tecplot assumes some default values for the missed information, while Paraview does not. Hope that could help both users and developers.


Please share some data