ParaView throws bad_alloc on contour

Dear community,

I have a problem that Paraview 5.5.2 throws bad_alloc and shuts down whenever I try to do a countour (iso-curves) of a slice of scalar data on a rather small unstructured 3D mesh. The message I get in the terminal is shown below. This happens almost every time. However, if I do the contour directly on the 3D data (iso-surfaces instead of iso-curves) there’s no bad_alloc. I run Arch Linux, and VTK 8.1.0. Do you have any ideas what may cause this and how to fix it?

Kind regards,

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::bad_alloc’
what(): std::bad_alloc
[sim:11128] *** Process received signal ***
[sim:11128] Signal: Aborted (6)
[sim:11128] Signal code: (-6)
[sim:11128] [ 0] /usr/lib/[0x7fe831a03be0]
[sim:11128] [ 1] /usr/lib/[0x7fe831a03b5f]
[sim:11128] [ 2] /usr/lib/[0x7fe8319ee452]
[sim:11128] [ 3] /usr/lib/[0x7fe831c3358e]
[sim:11128] [ 4] /usr/lib/[0x7fe831c39dfa]
[sim:11128] [ 5] /usr/lib/[0x7fe831c39e57]
[sim:11128] [ 6] /usr/lib/[0x7fe831c3a0ac]
[sim:11128] [ 7] /usr/lib/[0x7fe831c3a647]
[sim:11128] [ 8] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82e2b7821]
[sim:11128] [ 9] /usr/lib/[0x7fe8181dbd68]
[sim:11128] [10] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82995c6d2]
[sim:11128] [11] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82995c9b9]
[sim:11128] [12] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b67043e]
[sim:11128] [13] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b669df7]
[sim:11128] [14] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b666a1a]
[sim:11128] [15] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b66ce06]
[sim:11128] [16] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b68dd1c]
[sim:11128] [17] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b6659c9]
[sim:11128] [18] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b66cc44]
[sim:11128] [19] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b68dd1c]
[sim:11128] [20] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b66b739]
[sim:11128] [21] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82b68f223]
[sim:11128] [22] /usr/lib/[0x7fe8309d394f]
[sim:11128] [23] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82a15e780]
[sim:11128] [24] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82a15ee1f]
[sim:11128] [25] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82a15f2ef]
[sim:11128] [26] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82a15f3be]
[sim:11128] [27] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82f05e9df]
[sim:11128] [28] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82f05e7fc]
[sim:11128] [29] /usr/lib/[0x7fe82f05d3a5]
[sim:11128] *** End of error message ***
[1] 11128 abort (core dumped) paraview sheath.pvsm

This error sounds suspiciously like a bug a user of mine had. If so, it has been fixed. Try the 5.6.0-rc1 bits when it comes out. Should be available within a few days.

Also, you may want to post these types of questions to support, rather than developers. It’s realy a support question, not a development discussion.