Paraview Trace not Start (5.10.0 ARM version, M1 chip)


I have downloaded and installed Paraview 5.10.0 ARM version from website for a M1 chip device. The ‘start trace’ function here doesn’t work well. Every time when I click it, it will return errors as below:

ERROR: In /opt/glr/paraview/paraview-ci/build/superbuild/paraview/src/Remoting/ServerManager/vtkSMTrace.cxx, line 77
vtkSMTrace (0x15cd66bf0): Failed to import paraview.smtrace module.

Generic Warning: In /opt/glr/paraview/paraview-ci/build/superbuild/paraview/src/Remoting/ServerManager/vtkSMTrace.cxx, line 164
Trace not started since required Python modules are missing.

The python version on the device is 3.9.5 (same as Paraview).

Anyone has encountered similar problem or had any idea could help me with this please? Thanks a lot in advance.

@cory.quammen may know

@zhxutong do you happen to have any custom filters defined?

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@zhxutong if that is the case, this is fixed already

Fix will be present in 5.10.1

Hi, thanks for reply. It actually happens at the very beginning, at the stage when no file was opened and no filter was applied. Basically I opened the Paraview, clicked Tool → Start Trace, selected ‘Show Incremental Trace’, and opened a .foam file. Usually after I opened the file, a script editor should pop up, but in this case there was no pop up window. Then I checked it by re-select Tool menue and found it is still ‘Start Trace’ (usually it will change to ‘Stop Trace’ if it works properly).

Tracing works fine on my M1 chip Mac with ParaView 5.10.0.

Perhaps try Edit menu → Reset to Default Settings, restart ParaView and try again.

It works! Thanks so much!