ParaView Tutorial56

I am running ParaView 7 under debian bullseye, installed from the debian package (apt install paraview). I want to go through the tutorial, however w 2 examples ofhen I start Paraview, a pop-up gives me a choice between 4 examples, including 2 examples of Exodus II, a hot gas and wavelets. Ig I click on any of these another pop-up appears saying the datasets are not available, and should be downloaded from paraview, I downloaded ParaView Tutorial Handouts (in tar/gzip) and unpacked, but that was of no help.

My question is: where to download the files required to see the examples shown in the first pop-up AND where to place them so that ParaView will find them when I click on the pop-up.

Thanks in advance

I will assume you meant ParaView 5.7.

imo, this is a debian issue.

In any case :