Paraview update on Ubuntu: Issues

I have installed OpenFoam 8 on my system (ubuntu 20.04) which has Paraview 5.6 bundled with it. I have then downloaded the Paraview 5.8.1 .tar file and unpacked it. I am able to launch version 5.8.1 from the folder where I have unpacked the contents but when I type “paraview” in the terminal, it still launches version 5.6. I have tried adding an alias to the version 5.8.1 location in the .bashrc file but it doesn’t work. I want the default version to be 5.8.1. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

alias paraview=/path/to/bin/paraview should do it.

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Hello Mathieu, thanks for the response. But adding the alias doesn’t work. I tried it. It still launches the older version when I type “paraview” in the terminal.

run this first:

source ~/.bashrc

Had already tried that, no luck. Still launches the older version.

This is unrelated to ParaView.

Just rename the other paraview.

There is no other paraview in my .bashrc. Even after adding the alias for the newer version of paraview, it still launches the older version. Have tried sourcing the bashrc file, restarting, everything.

You installed ParaView with OpenFOAM. rename this one.

That is one solution. But I was hoping to update the default version, so that I can launch the newer version every time, even with the paraFoam command (if that is possible). But for the time being, this would suffice, I guess. Thanks for the inputs.

paraFOAM is a ParaView based application developped by OpenFOAM. You can’t just update it’s ParaView component, it would need to be rebuilt against a newer ParaView. This is a question for the OpenFOAM community though.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I am unable to open some .hdf5 files with the 5.6 version (crashes as soon as I try) but it works fine in the 5.8.1 version, which is the main reason why I was looking to do this.

Hello Mathieu,
if I installed the newer version of paraview, and added this alias, how can I run pvbatch using the newer version of paraview?
Thanks in advance

cd path/to/paraview/bin

May I ask
how to update paraview to a newer version
please answer :pray: thank you :pray:

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Your question is a different topic, Please start a new Topic.