Paraview v5.11.0 Windows 7 Binary distribution not working


I have a Windows cave setup with Windows 10 master and windows 7 clients.

I am unable to run the latest Binary on Windows 7. The latest binary I can run is v5.8.1 that works on both Windows 10 and Windows 7. However, stereo (crystal eyes) does not work on that version.

I get a system error for v5.11.0 on Windows 7 that is “api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll is missing from the computer”

It would be great if someone could help.

I’m very sorry, but ParaView does not support Windows 7, which was end-of-lifed 3 years ago.

Thank you so much for the fast reply. I managed to compile the latest version on windows 7 with OSPRAY 2.7 and QT. It works on Windows 7, however there are no VR options. It would be great if you could tell about the CMAKE options to use for full CAVE functionality with VRPN and VRUI.

If you trace the various paraview_* variables referenced by the VR-related settings in this file, those point to the dependencies and CMake variables you need to set. *_enabled variables not set in that file mean that the project is building. You can get the source info from the top-level versions.cmake and build instructions in the <project>.cmake file elsewhere in the tree (can differ based on platform).