ParaView v5.12 crashed when loading results

Hello! I am a new user of Paraview.

When I was reading the calculation results of MFIX, the software crashed and exited without any error messages. I have tried on both Windows10-22H2 and UBUNTU22.04, and the crashes are the same.

GPU driver version:528.24
NVCUDA64.DLL NVIDIA CUDA 12.0.139 driver

The steps( followed 7.2. Post Processing — MFiX 24.1 documentation (
2.1 when select “MFIX READER”–apply–crash
2.2 when select “VISIT MFIX READER”–apply (only load the mesh)

3 open F.pvd or P.pvd (Field or Particle information) --apply–crash

Since there are no error messages, I don’t know how to view my results.

Result files:

Thank you !

I confirm it crashes, please open an issue:

Thank you for your reply!
I created the issue * #22613

Now, how can I view my results. For example, is it feasible to switch to TECPLOT?

reading the F.pvd files seems to work:

This is exciting.
But when I directly opened f.pvd and “apply”, the software still crashed.
May I ask for the specific operating steps?

It is broken in 5.12.0 but fixed in the nightly binary release:

Thank you.
I will try and provide feedback in a few days.

After several attempts, it worked when directly open the F.pvd and P.pvd files.
But one thing I still want to know is the purpose of opening the. res file.
Is this step necessary before opening the PVD file?

Another point to note is that this interface is different from the tutorial, and it’s easy to crash.
my interface

interface in the tutorial7.2. Post Processing — MFiX 23.4.1 documentation (

Its a question for the people who wrote the MFIX tutorial. You are currently in the ParaView discourse, not the right place.