ParaView v5.12 crashing

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to visualize flow of a simulation of an aircraft in ParaView. I can plot simple contours without any problem, but when I attempt to plot streamlines over a slice, my ParaView just crashes. I get the following error:

(318.626s) [78588DFF7640]vtkFindCellStrategy.cxx:26 ERR| Initialize must be called with a non-NULL instance of vtkPointSet
error: exception occurred: Segmentation fault

Previously, I did same thing in v5.11 without any problem and I just updated it to v5.12. What might be the reason for this, and how can I fix this issue? Am I missing any modules in my system?

Thank you!

Please share data and steps to reproduce.

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@mwestphal Thanks for reply. I have uploaded the files in the attached google drive link. This folder contains volume data as well as wall data (if requires). I would like to reproduce: (i) streamlines around the wing at a slice normal to Y axis at any cross section (for instance at y ~ 578) (ii) streamlines over the whole wing in z-plane.

Your files contains a structured dataset with a few arrays.

Not sure this is what you want

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Thank you, I appreciate it. In the attached figure, you can see a velocity magnitude contour on a slice that is normal to the y-axis at y = 578 units. I would like to add streamlines to this slice to better visualize how the streamlines behave around the wing.

StreamTracer with “Surface Streamlines” should do the trick, alternatively, use Surface LIC representation.

@mwestphal, thank you very much. Although I couldn’t get anything meaningful from Surface Streamlines, the surface LIC option is working well for me.