ParaView v5.7 release date?

Hello everyone,

When do you expect to release v5.7? I noticed in Superbuild repository, new branch, v5.6.2 is created. What are risks of using current sources of v5.7 RC2 for releasing of our ParaView based software? Do you have problems with introducing some new feature not so much important to end-users (like python v3 or MacOS support) or some internal / core stuffs?


Hi Nenad, Welcome to the ParaView discourse site!

As of last week, the goal is to have ParaView 5.7.0 RC3 out early this week. I believe the primary change is fixing a mouse freezing issue on 5.7.0 on OS X. Then, assuming no showstoppers are found, 5.7.0 should release a week or so after RC3.

@wascott is right. There are bug fixes significant to some users, but perhaps not most, between RC2 and RC3. That said, I will be tagging RC3 later today or tomorrow.

@wascott @cory.quammen , thank you very much! You are great, good luck with further development!