Paraview v5.8 Not responding

Hello All,
I’m Ankur, I’ve downloaded v5.8 for Microsoft from the paraview software from the website.
After finishing pipeline in dream 3d software I’m trying to import and visualise the .xdmf file in Paraview.But as i’m importing the file, the screen is hanging, becoming black an the background color is shown as black despite I’ve tried to change the background color numerous times. PFA the software issue I’m facing. Please help me out of this problem. I would be obliged.

Also after importing it is behaving like this…

Please share the last part of Help -> About dialog.

Hello Mathieu,
PFA the Help->About dialog.

Possible solutions :

Thankyou for your reply.
I’ll work around with them.
Also i’m facing this issue as well.

Could you please help on this as well as i couldn’t find anything on internet to correct this and maybe this is the real cause of the software not working properly on my PC.

You definitely have issues with your GPU. the solutions are the same.