Paraview version 5.10.1 is not creating arrows with Glyph, but version 3.12.0 works well.

When I open a solution in version 5.10.1 with Glyph, it creates arrows; however, the same solution works well with version 3.12.0.

Am I missing something in version 5.10.1?

Welcome to ParaView, Dasarathan!

The Glyph filter has changed somewhat over the years. In 5.10.1, could you check that the property “Orientation Array” is set. Also check the Scale Factor setting. If you still don’t see glyphs, please share what you have those properties set to.

Thanks for your reply. What you said is correct. After seeing your message, I tried changing the Scale Factor setting. By default, it has the maximum value of 0.225, and I am unaware of entering a more considerable value manually. The arrows were too small to view on the screen, and when I entered the Scale Factor to 3, all looked good. Thanks again.