Paraview versions


We installed Paraview 5.5.2. and noticed it is not compatible with RH 6.6. It is working with RH6.9.

Can you please tell us what version of Paraview would work on both versions?

Hello. I use CentOS that is actually RH to my knowledge. Paraview 5.4.1 works with CentOS 6.7 that was upgraded from 6.2. It’s likely that it will also work with your RH 6.6. But please note that not only OS version but also video drivers are important for ParaView (for OpenGL support). In my CentOS 6.7 installation I use proprietary nVidia driver (I think almost all not too old nVidia drivers are accepted, but there may be issues with distribution-provided drivers and other similar like emulation in VM because of OpenGL support).
If you want the most compatible version of ParaView than you may use 5.2 but it’s very old now. The trick with --mesa option also usually work but the rendering will be very slow, so it’s only acceptable for small meshes.

Could you clarify “not compatible”?