Paraview Visual Delay Glitch

Hello, I have been using Paraview for the last 6 months and have started running into an issue when loading Exodus movie files. I am running penetration simulations using an abaqus oriented code and each time I output to Paraview the penetrating body moves through the target body quicker than the mesh on the target body rips open, resulting in the penetrating body being fully through the target and the target maybe halfway ripped open.

The strange part about this is if I set to output tecplot files and load into tecplot on a colleague’s machine, the bodies match up perfectly. I am not sure if there is a setting I have checked incorrectly in Paraview or what. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Austin, welcome to ParaView!

My first suspicion is that displacements are being applied to the penetrating body when perhaps they shouldn’t be. You could try unchecking the Apply Displacements checkbox and see if that resolves the problem.


Thank you so much! That solved it! Glad it was something easy.