Paraview Visualizer

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to start a new web project with Visualizer, so I’m looking for some tips to implement Visualizer in my web project in the right way. The intention of Visualizer within the project is to use it as a 3d model viewer, I also plan to remove some elements of the Visualizer UI, is this possible?

thanks in advance

This seems to be related to the Web topic of discourse.

Visualizer is probably not what you are looking for as most the UI is generated to provide the same control as the ParaView Qt client. But you can swap that part out and implement your own UI on top of it. The Visualizer app is actually pretty small as it mostly define the various panels (that you want to change). Other than that everything is handled at the ParaViewWeb level.

Anyhow, the underlaying ParaViewWeb layer can probably do what you are looking for assuming ParaView can do it to some extent.



Thansks a lot!!
Now I am trying to compile the Visualizer source code, when I am trying to start the server I have errors related to the source code I mean the error is when I am trying to import the modules of paraview web.

And how do you try to run it?

Well basically I see this error when I open the source code in VSCODE, but now I am trying to run the using the next command:
pvpython ./server/ --content ./dist --data ~/ --port 8080

and the next message is displayed:
" File “./server/”, line 93, in
from paraviewweb import pv_wslink
ImportError: No module named paraviewweb
Inconsistency detected by dl-close.c: 811: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called’ failed! "

This is weird, the screenshot you have is like from paraview.web import pv_wslink and the error is saying from paraviewweb import pv_wslink.

Did you edit the file? Did you remove the .?

The pvpython command line is the correct way to start it.