ParaView VR-Plugin display configuration

Hello ParaView users,

I am currently trying to run Immersive ParaView in a 3-sided-CAVE (left screen (main screen according to NVidia system information), right screen, bottom screen). I have got only one computer to render on all three displays (system: Win7 64, graphics card is NVidia Quadro M6000). So far I have a working VRPN server and the ParaView Server version is installed. I am not using any MPI as I only have one server.

I am starting the VRPN server and then I am starting the pvserver with the command line using: “pvserver.exe DisplayCfg_CAVE.pvx”

The pvx file is the following:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

In another cmd I am starting the client using: “paraview.exe --stereo --stereo-type=“Crystal Eyes” --server=PvSAutoStart”.

The pvsc file is the following:

And now my problem:
The renderserver is only appearing on one screen. The display configuration seems to be correct as the tracking makes sense one this screen. But how can I make the server render on all three displays (shown in the cfg file)? Are the Display IDs maybe wrong? I took the IDs (1,2,3) from the Windows display configuration menu, the same ones as in the NVidia information menu.

I am happy about any advice, thanks alot in advance!

Unfortunately the texts of the files were cut out, so I upload them now here.DisplayCfg_CAVE.pvx (934 Bytes)
servers.pvsc (666 Bytes)

You need one pvserver.exe per view. I don’t have experience with crystal-eyes.

This is how i would do it.

  • Edit your .pvx file, adding the line “StereoType = CrystalEyes” where appropriate (double check with source code, it’s CASE SENSITIVE, and i’m using my memory) This should be 3 times, once for each Display. This prevents you from having to add the command line argument every time.
  • Install MS-MPI 2008 (adds all it’s exes to your syspath)
  • Run smpd.exe (this is a daemon-client for ms-mpi)
  • Go to your bin folder. Use command line to execute mpiexec -np 3 pvserver.exe DisplayCfg_CAVE.pvx. This tells the computer that there will be 3 pvserver instances. This matches the config file you provided.
  • Now it will print out a message (Connect to computername://11111)
  • Open Paraview.exe, and connect.
  • Voila!

Hi Alex,

thanks alot for the help! The ParaView MPI version I had was corrupt. I rebuilt it, followed your steps and now I have 3 server processes running (with mpiexec)!
The processes are all running on the same window (the main window). There must be a mistake in the configuration. The display names in the “DisplayCfg_CAVE.pvx” as shown above are 1,2,3. I called them according to the naming in the NVidia control center. They might be wrong, I dont know.
I cannot change the positions of the windows, they seem to be fixed. Every example I see seems to use one node for each display. So the display name is always specified as “Display=:0”, given a different machine name on every process. I have only one machine attached to 3 displays. Does anybody know how to properly name those?

Thanks to everybody!

I suspect that “Display=:0” only works in linux.
We have a windows setup here, and we just use two screens per computer, using NVIDIA Surround.
Everything is “DISPLAY=:0”, with x=1920 and x = 0 for separate eyes.