Paraview/VTK crushes when opening triangulated surface

OS: Windows 10 64b
ParaView version: 5.9.0
Where you obtained ParaView: binary download link
GPU: Nvidia 1660S

Hello, I’m trying to open a custom triangulated surface I made using a mine pit elevation contour lines and some information about the materials in the surface, I made one file per type of material (4). The resulting vtp files make paraview/VTK crush instantly when opened. I can open them in the vtp web viewer: vtk.js and they look fine. I guess it might be related to some geometry problem in my calculations for the vertices, but I don’t know if there is a way to get a crush log without building paraview on my own.

The files are in the following link:

I hope someone could enlighten me on how to debug/solve my problem.

I can post the python code to make the files if needed.

Ignacio V.

Your file is malformed (but paraview should error out, not crash).
I suspect that some cells contains references to non-existent points.

Please write your file in ASCII mode instead of Appended so we can understand what is wrong with it.

Ah! Thanks a lot, that was it, how do you debug a file to identify the problem? There were some NAN values that were outside the topographic data and I was skipping them when adding the point data and then I was assigning the vertices for all triangles, including those discarded previously. Now I’ve changed that in my code and everything goes well.

Thanks again!

Ignacio V.

I just reproduce your issue with gdb and valgrind to understand the issue.

I don’t have any experience on those tools, but thanks anyway.

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Ignacio V.