ParaView vtkSocketCommunicator errors: “Could not receive tag” and “Endian handshake"

@cory.quammen I am also having this problem, but am unable to update the software on the server. Is there a way to manage the software on my client to try to match VTK versions? Or is there some other workaround?

Just make sure your ParaView version matches between client and server.

Okay, I have made sure that they are both 5.8.0 and I am still getting the following errors:

ERROR: In /home/buildslave/dashboards/buildbot/paraview-pvbinsdash-linux-shared-release_superbuild/build/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/Parallel/Core/vtkSocketCommunicator.cxx, line 592
vtkSocketCommunicator (0x2b96340): Client/server version hash mismatch.

ERROR: In /home/buildslave/dashboards/buildbot/paraview-pvbinsdash-linux-shared-release_superbuild/build/superbuild/paraview/src/Remoting/Core/vtkTCPNetworkAccessManager.cxx, line 333
vtkTCPNetworkAccessManager (0x250cdd0): 
Connection failed during handshake. vtkSocketCommunicator::GetVersion()
 returns different values on the two connecting processes
 (Current value: 100).

You may want to test locally. Can client communicate with the server locally ? Can server communicate with a client locally (eg using pvpython) ?